Ethology Institute Cambridge

Our Work: Animal Behavior and Learning

  • ▹ Educational programs for Animal Trainers.
  • ▹ Courses, talks, seminars and workshops.
  • ▹ Animal behavior consultancy.
  • ▹ Research in the fields of ethology and animal learning.
  • ▹ Publishing articles, books, and other educational media.

Our Approach

“We humans have never been able to contemplate a thing without changing it; and yet the most important must be to understand, accept and respect other living beings independently of their species and race.”
~ Roger Abrantes in Evolution.

Our goal

We provide affordable and high-quality courses in animal behavior and learning, organize talks, seminars, and workshops, conduct research in ethology and learning theory, and publish literature in our field of work.

Our Philosophy: Education is a Duty

We do not consider education a business, but a duty to ourselves and our planet.


This presentation was created by Farmington Area Public Schools and Spring Lake Park Schools, which are engaged in innovative collaboration with transformative ends in mind. We share their view fully. Our goal is to provide our students with the necessary knowledge and the tools for them to create the future of their dreams.

Knowledge to everyone everywhere

We offer you quality courses and self-study tools so you have access to knowledge easily and at affordable fees. We don’t sell knowledge—what you pay for is the structure we need to give you the knowledge.

The Ethology Institute is independent of commercial, religious, political or governmental interests and does not receive any economic support or funding. All our income comes from the services we provide, and we spend it on our educational programs.

Serving the public

At the Ethology Institute, we combine research and teaching our students. In their senior years, we assign students to projects, which they present to earn their certifications. We research primarily in canine, equine, and feline behavior and learning. We publish our conclusions in popular books. We believe that research shall serve the public. Our website contains many free study resources.

High standards

Our Graduate and Master programs are BSc and MSc equivalent and require the same level of proficiency as correspondent programs from accredited universities and colleges. Since our goal is to maintain a high standard, for their final certifications, our graduates are examined by two external professors who sign their diplomas. We want our students to fare well once they graduate. Thanks to our good reputation, other educational institutions usually give our students credits for their accomplished studies, though this occurs at their discretion only. Students receive upon completion of a study program, a diploma and a transcript of all courses and proficiency verifications.

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